Today is December 7,2008 and I have created this website to hopefully touch people and their lives. I hope after visiting this web page a couple times you will want to get up, make a change, and donate a blanket and bottle to a baby in need. I will start taking donations in the Spring and I hope by next Winter I can deliver these blankets and bottles to babies around the world. Everyday is a change but why not make a big one today by saving a life--a baby's life. You and me were babies at one time. What would you have done if you were abandoned or left with no food, no warmth, and no protection. Lately, especially since the holidays, everybody is saying "me me me" or at least acting like it. If the people would slow down smell the roses and think about why we are actually here, then you would actually notice what is happeming today in this world and want to help just like I do. Make a difference, save a life, think about it. At least slow down, spend time with the family you do have, unlike some babies that have been abandoned.